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Tips for a Successful Listing
General Information

Property Heading
Choose two to three words that describe the feel of your home.

i.e. Italian Riviera Villa
Contact Information
The more telephone numbers you include, the better the chances that a potential client will get get through to you.

Double check that your email address is correct.

Main Features Section
This is the first thing customers see so it should be crisp, clear and attention grabbing. Keep it short, and be sure to point out what makes your listing unique.

For example:
Furnished villa, 160sqm w. terrace and panoramic view of the sea. Village shops and restaurants only a short walk away.

Describe your entire property from the inside out. Property browsers like a pleasant description, but serious buyers are looking for detailed facts. Include accurate room dimensions and total living space.

Don’t stretch the truth. A house surrounded by a plot of land is not the same as a house with manicured gardens. Just remember that there is always someone looking for a property just like yours. We’ll help you find them!

Whether you are listing a rental property or real estate, make sure to include information on the surrounding area, as well as the distance to major attractions. You should also include information on the nearest major airports, particular if the property is in a smaller town or village.

If you include a phone number within your contact information, be sure to include your time zone and the time of day you can be reached. Remember, the whole world is viewing your listing, so don’t assume your reader knows this region-specific information.

It is also a good idea to clearly state your rental period. For example, you might say: "We rent on a weekly basis from Saturday to Saturday. Arrival: Saturdays at 4 pm (16:00) Departure: Saturdays at 10am (10:00)".

When choosing your pictures, keep in mind what you have included in your description. Instead of writing a paragraph about the ocean views or the impressive interior design, say it with a picture. Make sure the images are no more than 50k each. Use JPG format for best results.

Show a bit of everything about your propery. Include an overall photograph of the property, a shot of the main interior details, and the view from within the home.  

To select and add the photos you would like to include, click on the "Browse..." button to the right of the space provided. A window will appear that allows you to search the files on your computer, on a floppy disk, or on a CD. Once you have found the picture, highlight it by clicking on it. Then click "Open" to add it to your listing.

Property Features/ Amenities
Along with the price of the property, there are many things a potential buyer or renter is looking for when searching through the listings. If you would like to see other information included in this section, email us and let us know.

Please note that if your property is for sale, but it is also a vacation rental, you will want to fill out two separate forms.

Mandatory Fields & Suggested Fields
The mandatory sections are in Red and they include:  Property Heading, Country, Region, and Description. The system will not allow you to publish your listing if you do not include this information.

Suggested Fields
Year of Construction, Size, Rooms and other Various Characteristics. Although it is not mandatory to provide information in these fields, this is the first thing site users see when they click on your listing, so we recommend providing as much information as possible so the listing does not look bare. The more information you provide, the greater the chances of piquing the interest of a potential buyer or renter.

Purchase/Rental Pricing Options
State your price without using any commas, periods, or currency symbols.
Contract Type/Currency
Charging 1500 Euros per month is very different from charging 1500 Yen per month or 1500 Euros per day. Be sure to select the correct currency and contract type.
Publish This
This section determines whether others will be able to view your property. If you are unable to finish filling in the form, simply click the “Submit” button without placing a checkmark on "Publish This" box. You’ll be able to save the changes you made to your account. When you go back and finish it, simply check "Publish This" box to start advertising your property worldwide!  
General Notes
Once you have finished filling out the form, check that all your information has been activated on the site. Try searching for your listing to make sure it appears within the correct categories. Send yourself an email via the contact form on your listing to check if your email has been entered correctly. Contact us immediately if you experience any technical issues, or if you require any additional assistance.

We look forward to seeing your listing!

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