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Price: 15450000 USD TBILISI < Tbilisi < GEORGIA

Hotel for sale: in Tbilisi, Georgia. Working space: 2300sq.m, Land space 1539sq.m. Floor:4; 24 rooms on two floors, each floor 320sq.m; Renovation: Eurodesigne; big conference room 300sq.m, with 200sq.m Bar-Restaurant, wardrobe 30sq.m, 3 working rooms, 2 kitchen, three store house. 120sq.m Verande. central heating and air-condition system. Storeroom, Furniture, ATE, Network, Telephone, Inventory,...
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Grand hotel for sale in Tbilisi
Price: 7500000 USD Tbilisi < Tbilisi < GEORGIA

The Ballroom on the third floor which has maximum capacity for 150 persons is available for business meetings. Modern facilities will make your meeting efficient and comfortable and natural day light is available for you. The Business Centre is located on the second floor where you can find modern communication facilities for your convenience (Fax, Xerox and Internet) Meeting room for 20-25 person...
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Grand house-Capital city of Georgia
Price: 7000000 USD Tbilisi < Tbilisi < GEORGIA

There is a grand house for sale in the center of the Capital city of Georgia. The house is placed in Vajha-Pshavela avenue. General information: General area of a land: 4350 sq/m; General area of a house: 6000 sq/m; House contains five storeys; There is a pine grove on each side of a house and a square with a fountain in front of it. This house may be used for several purposes just like a hotel, ...
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Office building with a film-concert hall
Price: 1850000 USD Tbilisi < Kartli < GEORGIA

Office building with a film-concert hall in the city centre (near a president residence of Georgia). 3 floors, the general area - 4800 sq.m. 1-st floor - office and warehouse premises (1920 sq.m.). 2-nd floor - the concert Hall - (720 sq.m.) 600 places, restaurant, office premises (1200 sq.m.). 3-rd floor - office premises- 920 sq.m.) the ground Area - 5558 sq.m....
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Luxury apartment and Land in Tbilisi Georgia
Price: 1500000 USD Tbilisi < Tbilisi < GEORGIA

luxury apartment and Land 4000 sq.m. in the central part of Tbilisi Georgia contact phone: +995593961230...
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943 ha. plot of land with farms
Price: 850000 USD Sighnaghi < Kakheti < GEORGIA

943 Acres of pasture land for sale. with tow animal farms ( 750 sq. m. 800 sq.m. ). It is the best place for its location. This place is situated on the shore of the river Iori. this area is the best for cattle and sheep development. it is The best option for investment. contact me by e-mail: vajio16@yahoo.com...
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Land Plot for sale
Price: 450000 USD Tbilsi < Tbilisi < GEORGIA

Land Plot for Sale 10 000 sq. m land for sale in Telavi, on the highway “Tbilisi-Gombori-Telavi” ,1.5 hour drive from the capital city, Tbilisi. Price: 45 USD per sq. m Address: Telavi, Vardisubani, Georgia Contact Person: Mirian Contact days and hours: 7/24...
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Apartment - elite habitation in Tbilisi, G...
Price: 380000 Tbilisi < Kartli < GEORGIA

excellently -repaired, Italian system of the heating, with the built - in modern kitchen, two garages - 34 sq.m. The apartment is in the city centre in an ecologically pure place with an amazing view of the city....
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restaurant, office.
Price: 360000 USD Tbilisi < Kartli < GEORGIA

The area of a building of 700 sq.m. the Area of a court yard of 1800 sq.m. the Area of a parking of 550 sq.m. Repair, heating, air-conditioning in the central part of the city....
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Duplex Penthouse with Prime location
Price: 195000 USD Tbilisi < Tbilisi < GEORGIA

This is a residential complex located in one of the most prestigious districts in Tbilisi. Complex has 24/7 security, management system providing services in a high professional manner - cleaning, gardening etc... Complex has nicely landscaped garden, underground car parking, tennis court and power generator. This particular duplex penthouse has 3 bedrooms + 1 living room with kitchen, 2 bathroom...
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4700 sq. m land for sale in Lisi
Price: 164500 USD Tbilisi < Tbilisi < GEORGIA

4700 sq. m land for sale in Lisi, near the captial Tbilisi. Land plot just next to the highway , only few minutes drive (6km) from the capital center. Land plot can be used for construction of any residential or industrial property. There is high-voltage electricity line near the land plot. The place has gorgeous surroundings and magnificent views and scenery over the mountains & the city. Beautif...
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5 rooms Appartment
Price: 90000 USD Tbilisi < Tbilisi < GEORGIA

Very nice apartment suited in Tbilisi Georgia. the apartment is 140mk. 3 bedrooms, 1 lodge, 1 hall, 1 entrance room, Kitchen, dining room, 2 balconies, 1 bathroom, 1 restroom, elevator. drying and storage room. 1 open garage. The building has shared garden and playground for about 60000mk. Accessibility: Bus station, Kinder Garden, School, Supermarket, Shopping malls. ...
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Apartment in Central Tbilisi
Price: 83500 USD Tbilisi < Tbilisi < GEORGIA

The apartment in central Tbilisi in the prestigious Vake district, Capsizes Street. This is a bank and embassy district. Static planned for completion by 2009 at the end of October. On the subject of distinctness said, and the fact that a high level of the leadership of reserves. After the object is signed agreements with apartment rental company in a joint U.S. and Georgia (Center Point Group) co...
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two-story house in Georgia Tbilsi
Price: 79000 Tbilisi < Tbilisi < GEORGIA

Living space is 140 square meters, 6 room, 3 storage compartments, 1 wine cellar, and a second floor balcony with beautiful views of the old city Terrace is 50 square meters, A small garden, 30 sqm. As well as 25 square meters additional space for a mini sports ground....
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House / Villa in Tbilisi, Village Digomi
Price: 69500 Tbilisi < Tbilisi < GEORGIA

was built in 1990 but still in modernish shape and in great conditions. Comprises of Mansard roof (120 sq.m living area) First floor (164 sq.m) which consists of a big living room, 4 double bedrooms, big kitchen/dining room and a toilet/bathroom. + a wine cellars, and 3 other rooms on basement floor and Garage 10 Min Drive to the Tbilisi City Centre, Permanent Electricity Water and Gas Supply, Gas...
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Apartments in Batumi
Price: 67500 USD Batum < Ajara < GEORGIA

Apartments in Batumi on the Black Sea coast. Private beach. The object is almost completed, will be completed in autumn 2009. After the object is signed agreements with apartment rental company in a joint U.S. and Georgia (Center Point Group) company which will undertake the apartment rent. For retaining the 30 of rental income, and the remaining 70 credited to the account owner's suites (2 weeks ...
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