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Royal Castle in Wschowa
Price:Price upon request Wschowa < Zielona Gora < POLAND

Royal castle for sale. complex of 3 buildings, commercial and private property. Castle is open for guests since 2007, and its fully profitable. Ground floor with two chambers, used as restaurant or conference rooms one with beautiful fireplace. Another chamber with cafeteria and bar. Lounge and hotel reception. First floor with nine hotel rooms single and double, fully renovated in 2007, two of t...
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Beautiful big palace from XVII, great offer!
Price: 150000 Niegoslawice < Zielona Gora < POLAND

The palace was built in year 1681, at the end of XVIII century was reconstructed and enlarged by outbuilding with octagonal tower situated from south side. In the neighbourhood there is a landscape park from XVIII century. There is a project and evaluation of transformation of palace into European touristic, recreation and cultural heritage center. New, lower price! 150 000 Euros....
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Old Polish farm in lubuskie province
Price: 55000 15 km in south direction from Nowa Sol < Zielona Gora < POLAND

The farm includes: living building - area about 200 sqm, farm buildings: garage + piggery + cowshed all with area about 320 sqm, boiler house area about 120 sqm. Living building is in a good condition but needs renovation. There are 4 rooms and kitchen (36 sqm) on a ground floor. On the first floor there is one room. What is more there is an outhouse next to this building with sizes 6x8 mete...
ID: AD75_10376 - This property was clicked 2331 times

Beautiful classical palace XIX century SOLD!
Price: 200000 near to Wschowa < Zielona Gora < POLAND

The palace is located in Lubuskie Province nearby Wschowa and Slawa. The property is in very good technical condition but it requires some renovation works. The elevation is in a quite good condition as for the building which was built in XIX century. There are also some additional buildings on the plot which can be adapted and a 100 years old stable. Very good location. The building is permame...
ID: AD63_10376 - This property was clicked 36367 times

Baroque Palace for Sale in Poland
Price: 90000 Zary < Zielona Gora < POLAND

The huge palace building (more than 1000 sqm) needs complete renovation. However in spite of long time lag, the palace is in quite good condition. The general structure of the walls is not destroyed and the roof covered by tile is in really good condition what is visible on pictures. What is more the rafter framing is also in good condition. Great for developing e.g. hotel. Additionaly the buildi...
ID: AD61_10376 - This property was clicked 32056 times

Beatiful Historic Manor with Garden fo Sale
Price: 105000 Szprotawa < Zielona Gora < POLAND

Tha manor located aback a village where many of its buildins are also historic. Surrounded by a beautiful garden. Side entry - first floor; 2 two-bedroomed flats with bathrooms. Second floor: 4 flats; two 2 bedrooms and two 1 bedroom Attic for renovation Basements; an old cookhouse. Backentry: 3 large rooms. New coal stove. The property needs renovation, however it is in really nice conditio...
ID: AD65_10376 - This property was clicked 2008 times

Beatiful brick buildings, ex distilery
Price: 50000 Zary < Zielona Gora < POLAND

It is big real estate not used from particular period of time, however the external condition of buildings is good. Obviously they need to be renovated inside, however for such price it is still good investment opportunity as all media are on the property as it was used as a distillery in the past. There is also small pond situated on this plot. The whole real estate is located in Lubuskie provi...
ID: AD69_10376 - This property was clicked 1586 times

Beautiful old Villa year 1930, Poland
Price: 50000 near Lubsko < Zielona Gora < POLAND

The building has an area of 360 sqm and is situated on a 3000 sqm big plot in a small city in Lubuskie province. The city is located about 40 km (in south west direction) from Zielona Gora and about 30km away from Polish German border. It is a old solid construction made of red bricks. As most of old buildings in Poland, the property was plastered in the past. However the plastering was remo...
ID: AD70_10376 - This property was clicked 1535 times

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