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Stunning 3 floor villa
Price: 2630000 USD Bnei Brak < Tel Aviv < ISRAEL

Beautiful 3 floor villa available near the diamond district of Ramat Gan, bordering on the city of Bnei Brak . This 9 bedroom, 6 bathroom house has an elevator going all the way up to the 120 meter tiled roof with beautiful glass panels allowing one to easily gaze at the beautiful view. As well, there is the option to put in a glass elevator. The first floor has a very large 165 meter living/ dini...
ID: AD1_33325 - This property was clicked 597 times

Price: 425000 USD Tel Aviv < Tel Aviv < ISRAEL

Excellent 3 BR apartment in the eastern part of Tel Aviv bordering Ramat Gan and Givatyim. In good condition. A well-organized 25 year old building. Including an elevator and private parking, very convenient for airport access, major roads and public transportation. 15 min drive to the beach and center of TLV. Excellent for long term investment as the area expecting significant municipal develo...
ID: AD1_33095 - This property was clicked 649 times

Two apts for price of one
Price: 863000 USD Bnei Brak < Tel Aviv < ISRAEL

Deal of the year in Bnei Brak! Two apartments for the price of one! In the heart of the shopping district and most coveted area of Bnei Brak. This is a penthouse apartment, on two floors with 300 sq meters. The first floor is 6 rooms and 150 sq meters; the second floor is 5 rooms and 110 sq meters, plus a 40 sq meter succah mirpeset. The mirpeset is equipped with an upscale, outdoor kitchen. Both ...
ID: AD31_27930 - This property was clicked 686 times

heleni terrace
Price: 2000000 USD Herzelia < Tel Aviv < ISRAEL

A Boutique apartment project near the coastline of Herzliya The project facilities are diverse and exclusive such as spa, swimming pool, gym and more. A very fine apartment, it is spacious, modern and very highly finished. a very spacious living room a big kitchen and comfortable dining room, a 95 Sq.m of garden very well maintained with an opening, you will be able to enjoy a very natural ligh...
ID: AD8_26553 - This property was clicked 781 times

Villa in herzlia
Price: 3200000 USD Herzlia < Tel Aviv < ISRAEL

Luxury property, High ceilings, Big garden, Large plot, Located in a quiet environment plus: Sealed room, Pool, Separate unit, Furnished ...
ID: AD1_28280 - This property was clicked 633 times

amazing huge apartment in TLV
Price: 478425 USD Tel Aviv < Tel Aviv < ISRAEL

Stunning very large apartment in a premium location in the heart of Tel-Aviv. Beautiful & well reserved. with room for renovations 2.5 bedrooms, a living room and 2 balconies. with a private parking space and a/c 90 Sqm on the second floor Situated in the lovely and quiet Ehad Haam st., close to the Habima national theater facing Rothschild st. Must see!!! Home&Co. Successful deals in Tel A...
ID: AD8_27745 - This property was clicked 602 times

amazing & renovated in Tel Aviv
Price: 478425 Tel Aviv < Tel Aviv < ISRAEL

Beautiful apartment in premium,quiet location in the heart of Tel-Aviv. beautiful green scenery Tastefully renovated apartmnt, a bright and pleasant building before "Tama 38" 25 sqm expansion. 3 bedrooms(rare!), a living room and an a/c 93 Sqm before the 25 sqm expansion Situated in a lovely quiet alley named Gilad right next to Basel st, only a few steps away from the Basel shopping&restaurant ce...
ID: AD7_27745 - This property was clicked 603 times

Stunning mini penthause in Tel Aviv
Price: 405621 Tel Aviv < Tel Aviv < ISRAEL

Stunning mini penthause in a premium location in the heart of Tel-Aviv. with an open and green landscape Beautiful & uniqely renovated building 1 bedroom, a living room and 2 spacious balconies. with a/c. 80 Sqm 3rd floor Situated in the lovely and quiet Oliphant Street, only a few steps away from Rothschild Boulevard and Sheinkin's shopping street. Must see!!! Home&Co. Successful deals in Tel ...
ID: AD6_27745 - This property was clicked 831 times

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