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appartamento estonia
Price: 10000 Kiviõli < Tallinn < ESTONIA

Ben servito, vicino ospedale, scuole, campo da sci, negozi di vario genere, parco giochi....
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Merekeskus trade centre
Price: 7700000 Tallinn < Tallinn < ESTONIA

Today, there is: The alcoholic shop (220 m2), a drugstore (80 m2), two bars with own kitchen, operates about 130 lease agreements on 300 shops of the different areas, construction of a casino by the area 250 m2 is finished. Mid-annual fallibility of the rent areas makes about 80 . Almost finished design of restaurant with a night disco on the area nearby 900 m2. In 2017 will be possible to b...
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Õismäe land plot ready for development
Price: 6090000 Tallinn < Tallinn < ESTONIA

Highly perspective site on the ground, together with buildings, are on sale. The site is located in the center of Oismae. The sketch of a detailed lay-out is approved by Haabersti administrative advice and Department of city planning (Tallinna Linnaplaneerimise Amet). According to sketch it is possible to construct 12000 ì2 business-areas, 10000 ì2 floor spaces and underground parking on 300 ca...
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Tammsaare str. 93 shopping center
Price: 577000 Tallinn < Tallinn < ESTONIA

The Shopping center own part of a building with useful area of 635,7 m2. Internal lay-out: trading hall (500 m2) with warehouses, ancillary premises and refrigerating chambers. The areas almost on 100 are covered by the lease agreement. Sewerage, water system, heating are central. Detailed planning started that will allow construction of a building up to 7 floors....
ID: AD5_21356 - This property was clicked 1283 times

Tallinn city center, Lootsi str. 8
Price: 7700000 Tallinn < Tallinn < ESTONIA

Located in the city centre, the plot adjoins the passenger terminal of the Tallinn port. The council of Tallinn city has approved the preliminary sketch of a detailed planning of pre-port area of Tallinn city with a total area of 40 hectares. During the development of this sketch the modern experience of the developed sea countries on the development of similar plots was used. In perspective there...
ID: AD9_21356 - This property was clicked 2320 times

Harju county, Tallinn city center, Ristiku str. 33a/Härjapea str. 13
Price:Price upon request Tallinn < Tallinn < ESTONIA

There is a project of residential and office building. According to the project 2 premises under a bureau will be build on a basement floor. On a ground floor one 3-room and one 1-room apartments will be build. On the second and third floors one 2-room and one 3-room apartments will be build. Parking area on the plot (6 parking places). Total net area of apartments 340,1 m2 Pantries (ground flo...
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Harju county, Tallinn city, Kärberi str. 20, 20a
Price:Price upon request Tallinn < Tallinn < ESTONIA

According to approval detailed planning it is possible to build trade complex up to 5000 m2 in size. Detailed planning changing procedure have been started. City Planning Department has approved the sketch of a new detailed planning. According to this sketch it is possible to construct: residential areas 19200 m2, office areas 5750 m2, trading areas 1800 m2. Detailed planning carries out by burea...
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Ostukeskus trading hall
Price: 3526000 Tallinn < Tallinn < ESTONIA

The arrangement at the Baltic station - a concentration of the main transport and human streams - gives very good attendance of shopping center by clients. Shopping center " Ostukeskus " is a two-storey trading hall on which ground floor the grocery market with a separate fish hall is located, and also separate territory borrows " Olympic Casino " (125 square metres). On the second floor trade spo...
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