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Land plot - agricultural
Price: 18000 Ludza < Rezkne < LATVIA

This Agricultural land is located at Ludzas town in Lucmuiža (3km from town, near Ludzas Big lake) in a beautiful and private place. Lake coastal line is 10 min walking. There is an old log house, which can be renovated or rebuilt. The plot is 3km away from the provincial highway. The land has been I am direct owner. 8.9 ha Price: 2000 Euro/1ha. ...
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54 ha of good Farm land in production
Price: 106000 Vilani north < Rezkne < LATVIA

There are no buildings, where as the fieldwork is carried out by a contractor. The fields are flat und surrounded by well maintained canals. The plot is situated along a gravel-road, 4 km from the city Vilani (main road Riga-Rezekne). The distance to Riga is about 220 km, 2.5 hours. The plot is close to the future Moscow-allee; the highway which will connect Riga to Moscow. The plot is in 100 owne...
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Ludza property
Price: 5800000 Ludza < Rezkne < LATVIA

2006.43- Ha. Land is agricultural. Land is for rear the grain, rape. Price 2900 euro per one ha. Average points 35...
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Ludza commercial building \"Elvi\"
Price: 3841754 Ludza < Rezkne < LATVIA

Commercial property. Property is in Ludza silent part of city. All building total area is 3200sqm. Near the building is parking place. At this moment all this building is rented by supermarket. ...
ID: AD10_22524 - This property was clicked 1474 times

Ludza Hall
Price: 1351728 Ludza < Rezkne < LATVIA

Hall is in Ludza city center. Total property area is 1872.1sqm. Object has land, which total area is 5459sqm. Exist also parking. On April 2007, all building was renovated. At this time are rooms are rented by state organizations....
ID: AD9_22524 - This property was clicked 1046 times

relaxin complex
Price: 6000000 REzekne district < Rezkne < LATVIA

Land is with 7 lakes. 4 forest lakes total are is 325ha. Exist also 3 lakes costs. Total are 7 lakes. Land is good for relaxing, tourism and for individual construction. Also good for fishing. In this lake more than 700 ha are lakes. ...
ID: AD7_22524 - This property was clicked 1204 times

Medumi Daugavpils
Price: 1950975 Daugavpils < Rezkne < LATVIA

1000,5 ha. 318 ha from all land is forest. Around 50000 of wood, it’s possible to use. Parts are quite far away from each other, but there are very good land points. Land is mountainous....
ID: AD6_22524 - This property was clicked 1326 times

Silmala 650 ha agricultural land
Price: 157300 < Rezkne < LATVIA

≈650- Ha. Grass is scythed 3 years. Consist from 2 packets. All parts are close to each other. Land is agricultural. Land is quit flat. Around 35 quality pints. Land is around 130 m high. Price ~ 2420 euro/ha....
ID: AD5_22524 - This property was clicked 1388 times

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