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Former welness spa
Price: 925000 GBP Turcianske Teplice < Cassoviapolis < SLOVAKIA

The baroque-rococo chateau (second half of the 18th century) with an English park is located at the centre of the village. A pseudogothic-nouveau mausoleum was built in the park in 1911, where the exhibition of guilds and handicrafts from Mošovce displays the examples of various home tools and folk products. The Slovak poet Ján Kollár was born in Mošovce in 1793. There can be found a memorial room...
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Baroque style castle, with renaissance
Price: 107000 Trnava < Cassoviapolis < SLOVAKIA

The first written document about the castle came from 1583 when a croatia nobel Ungnada invited some other noble families for his daugher wedding. Since then the castle undertook many smaller or bigger reconstruction. The more significant reconstruction took place in 1603, 1679 and in 1769 was the castle reconstructed into the nowaday appierance. In this year the renesaince castle was reconstruct...
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Premium castle for sale
Price: 1175000 GBP Lucenec < Cassoviapolis < SLOVAKIA

The castle was reconstructed, again without royal permission, by him and was damaged in 1544 during a siege. After the death of Štefan Lučenský, his daughter Anne inherited the county and married Zsigmund Forgách. The Forgáčs were one of the oldest Hungarian aristocratic family being descendants of the Great Moravian family Poznam, who had preserved their positions in Slovakia after its ...
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This one is classic. Surrounded by nice park
Price: 1030000 < Cassoviapolis < SLOVAKIA

Built up area: 535 m2 Livable area: 787 m2 Park area: 8.39 HA History of castle: Originally, the chateau was a ground floor baroque building, built up on even older foundations. With the highest probability it was built by Filip Albert Krohn. Curiosity is that Krohn never lived in. In 1908 the chateau was owned by Hilda and Ernst Leidenfrost who lived in until its confiscation in 1948. ...
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Enjoy this beautiful residence, not far from
Price: 588000 < Cassoviapolis < SLOVAKIA

The castle is standing at the spot where originally used to be a monastry which was built aproximatly in the 13th century. Previous owners find a peace of historical furniture in a Budapest museum which is an aproval object that the castle was built not late than 1660. In 1770 the castle was owned by Mednansky family, a powerfull noble family in former Hungarian Kingdom. After the Mednansky clan d...
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Marvelous place!
Price: 250000 < Cassoviapolis < SLOVAKIA

Somthing little from the history of castle: The count Frantisek Dessewffi had the manor house built in about 1650. This Renaissance building was made as a defence castle with the attic and embrasures in it. Originally it had two floors and round corner towers were made without windows –there were only embrasures instead of them...
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Geramb palace in the area with many histor
Price: 618000 < Cassoviapolis < SLOVAKIA

The oldest part was built in gothical style. Originally this mining house had its own mining equipment and mine-tunnel. The early renaissance reconstruction gave to this place four wings with the nordeast opened central yard. In 18th century, after the property was bought by a Dutch family of Geramb, the house was remodeled into a baroque palace. During the 20th century the palace was used as a...
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Chateau in Orava region
Price: 395000 < Cassoviapolis < SLOVAKIA

Chateau is located in North of Slovakia near Polish border. 10 rooms 2 horse stables. Garden 17 000m2 ...
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