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KENYA Nairobi Nairobi
Maasai Mara Land for Sale
Land for development
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Property Type: Plots/Land Property Site: Countryside
Country:  KENYA City: Nairobi
Zip Code: 0000 Region: Nairobi
Address:  Vacation Property (for rent): No
Construction Year:  Surface Area: 
Bedrooms: 0 Bathrooms: 0
The Property’s Charm

The “Ol Choro Oiruwua” is a 17,000-acre conservancy in the Mara Triangle which is in the North Western corner of the Greater Mara Ecosystem.  Divided from the rest of the reserve by the Mara River, the Mara Triangle is less visited and less crowded, often with many more game animals grazing on the plains and the volcanic hills that distinguish this corner of the Mara.   

Enchanting Escape’s land has a 350-metre waterfront on the Mara River, which is home to hundreds of hippopotami and nile crocodiles.  It is also the scene where many wildebeest and zebras fall prey to the lurking crocodiles during the ‘Great Migration’ – itself one of the “Natural Wonders of the World.”

The property is accessible both by road and by air. It is a 5-hour drive from Nairobi; a 45-minute flight from The Wilson Airport to Ngerende airstrip. The drive from the airstrip to the property is 15 minutes.  The property has little noise interference from the airplanes taking off or landing.

The surrounding area is a breeding ground for resident elephants and houses the only Rhino Santuary in the Maasai Mara. The santuary is a major attraction for the world renowned celebrities, who are willing to adopt the Rhino calves.

Night bush trails and game drives, prohibited in the National Reserve, can be arranged within the conservancy. The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) rangers provide security  for these at a modest fee.

Because some of the animals are ‘domesticated’ by virtue of being resident in the conservancy, visitors can take guarded game walks freely in the wild.

Balloon safaris, restricted in the National Reserve because of the noise pollution, are allowed within the conservancy.

The escarpment within the conservancy is perfect for sundowners. Watching the sun set and the animals come out to feed and drink at the watering-hole, makes the perfect way to end the day.

Commercial Viability

Masaai Mara Game Reserve, home to the Big 5, is one of the most frequented tourist attractions in Africa. Famous for the abundance of lion, the great wildebeest migration, and the Maasai people, who are well known for their distinctive custom and dress, it is without doubt a magnificent location for a hospitality industryplayer and investor.

The land for acquisition is freehold. This far advantages any investment in leasehold property. Other property developments in the area (e.g. Fairmont Hotels) pay a minimum lease fee of KShs one (1) million, to the conservancy per month. Furthermore, unlike the National Reserve, run by the local Narok county council, the land in the conservancy belongs to the Maasai community. Restrictions on development or ownership are, therefore, eliminated.

The KWS have been primed on the possible development on the earmarked property and are supportive of same – they have indicated support in writing. Approval from environmentalists will be given on submission and approval of the blueprints.
As a landowner within the conservancy, one is automatically a stakeholder. Gate fees are earned from the total revenue collected from the Musaria gate. This is credited directly to the the stakeholders’ bank accounts pro rata and in the ratio of land held to total area. Ditto: landing fees at the airstrip.

As a landowner in the conservancy, one automatically becomes a member of the Conservancy Trust Board and have a say on development projects in the area. Repositioning of the temporary Manyatta settlements can be sanctioned if they interfere with the aesthetics of any proposed development projects. The property  presents an opportunity along the lines of the Fairmont Mara Safari Club as shown in the pictures and maps above. Accessibility to  local building materials and labor, makes development of the property a simplified task.

Mara Tourism

Nominated as a World Heritage Site, the Maasai Mara continues to attract and grow its number of local and foreign tourists, who account for 10-15 of the country’s total annual tourist-inflow.   

The Kenya Tourist Board continues to reposition Kenyan tourist destinations as “high value,” attracting high-spending tourists. This is paying dividends.

Statistical data, available up to 31 December 2010, shows that Kenya recorded the highest number of tourists arrivals ever - at just below 1.1 million, earning KShs 73.68 billion in revenue. This was a 15 growth in arrivals and 18 growth in earnings, compared to the previous year. This figure excludes the cross border tourist arrivals which add up to another 700,000. The 2010 tourism performance surpassed the 2007 record by 4.5, the latter being the best recorded year in terms of arrivals and earnings. 2009/2010 were years badly effected by election violence.

United Kingdom & United States lead in terms of arrivals, followed by Italy and Germany (2010 statistics). Uganda topped the African market followed by South Africa and Tanzania. India, Russia, China and the Middle East showed great improvement though little resources were put into marketing, in these regions.

The data provided above excludes cross border travel, Kenyan Diaspora returning home and foreign experts working in the country.

Furnished:: No Dishwasher: No Alarm System: No
Washing Machine: No Hotwater: No Office Room: No
Linnen Supplied: No Pet Friendly: No Tennis Court: No
Balcony: No Gym/Sauna: No Terrace: No
Telephone: No Garage: No CableTV/Sat: No
Ocean View: No Lake View: No Mountain View: No
Ocean Front: No Lake Front: No Cellars: No
Swimming Pool: Private No
Public No
Garden: PrivateNo
Public No
Parking: Private No
Public No
Sales Price: 4000000 USD
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