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ARGENTINA Patagonia Bariloche
12.35 acres along Moreno lake
12.35 acres along Moreno lake, excellent lot with coastline, dock. 6 houses, 4 of them available for short term rental. Location : Bariloche city. Catedral skiing res...
12.35 acres along Moreno lake - Photo one 12.35 acres along Moreno lake - Photo two 12.35 acres along Moreno lake - Photo three
12.35 acres along Moreno lake - Photo four 12.35 acres along Moreno lake - Photo five 12.35 acres along Moreno lake - Photo six
'12.35 acres along Moreno lake' - Photo one

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Property Type: Country House Property Site: Countryside
Country:  ARGENTINA City: Bariloche
Zip Code:  Region: Patagonia
Address:  Vacation Property (for rent): No
Construction Year:  Surface Area: 
Bedrooms: 0 Bathrooms: 0
12.35 acres along Moreno lake, excellent lot with coastline, dock. 6 houses, 4 of them available for short term rental. Location : Bariloche city.
Catedral skiing  resort.

West Lake Perito Moreno is characterized by being almost completely inaccessible from the coast. The sector belonging to Angostura stream, joining it to Lake Nahuel Huapi, near López Bay, is really outstanding for fishing.(AlejM10113)

Estimated area: 11.8 km2

Maximum length: 6.7 km

Maximum width: 2.9 km

Bariloche is a place where time stops for one to gaze on the unspoiled beauty of the environment: the hills, forests, glaciers and rivers. It is a space that obtains nourishment from the natural vigor of Nahuel Huapi National Park, where the Andean forest joins the steppe, blending the lush wetness of the former with the golden meadows of the latter.

As interest in tourism to this area arose, there were some people who became concerned about preserving the native flora and fauna. This was the reason why Francisco Perito Moreno donated three square leagues in the area of the lakes Los Cántaros, Frías and Puerto Blest, which he had received as an award for his services, to be used as nature reserve.

In the year 1907, as a result of this donation, 43 thousand hectares were reserved for the Nahuel Huapi National Park by decree. Since the farming settlement had fallen on hard times and many lots still remained vacant, the greater part of it was included within the park.

Years later, in 1922, the "Southern National Park" was created by presidential decree. In 1934, the arrival of the railroad to the city and the enforcing of the National Parks law completed the necessary conditions for development.

During the decade from 1934 to 1944, when architect Exequiel Bustillo was president of the National Parks Committee, the city and the whole region underwent a radical transformation.

Patagonia Pictures - NOTRO - Nature in PatagoniaIn San Carlos de Bariloche during spring, the surrounding forests offer one of the most colorful wilderness spectacles in Argentina. The framework of lakes and mountains sets off showy native plants like the "notro", with its red flowers, the "mutisia", a climbing plant with orange flowers, the "virreina", a similar creeper with lilac flowers, and the "amancay", which "carpets" the undergrowth with its yellow flowers.

As for the fauna, the "venado pudú" and the "huemul" wander freely here. Also to be found are the scarce "huillín" from Argentina, the mini-marsupial weasel "monito de monte", the "guanaco" and various foxes. Among the birds, one can see the majestic condor, the lesser rhea, several species of eagles and hawks, the Magellanic woodpecker, the Austral parakeet, the Chilean pigeon and the chucao tapaculo.(AlejM10113)

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Furnished:: No Dishwasher: Alarm System: No
Washing Machine: Hotwater: Office Room:
Linnen Supplied: No Pet Friendly: Tennis Court: No
Balcony: No Gym/Sauna: No Terrace:
Telephone: Garage: CableTV/Sat:
Ocean View: No Lake View: Mountain View:
Ocean Front: No Lake Front: Cellars:
Swimming Pool: Private No
Public No
Garden: Private
Public No
Parking: Private
Public No
Sales Price: 2500000 USD
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