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Telephone: +39(0)182 580 362
Fax: +39(0)182 580 362
Office hours Monday to Friday, 9:00AM-5:30PM (GMT+01:00)

LIGURIA, MAY 2004. In a small, hill-top village home, overlooking the sea in the Italian region of Liguria, one can find the heartbeat of a vibrant, new, online marketplace, which - up against some of the world's e-shopping giants, like E-Bay and Amazon – is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Founded in 2003, this start up company has quickly made its way into the e-crowd by almagamating new technologies with marketing know-how. - only one of the eight sites developed by Glo-Con S.r.l.(and its main site) - is a real estate listing warehouse for anyone interested in buying a home almost anywhere around the world. The other seven sites under the Glo-Con umbrella are dedicated to selling aircrafts, vehicles, hotels, restaurants, boats and almost anything else you could want or need on the bazar site. The family of sites has also expanded recently to include a job site. Today, only a year after its inception, receives, on average, 4000 unique visitors a day.

The time invested into its technological advancement has been key to Glo-Con's success. The system offers users an array of options for accessing its services. For example, once the free monthly trial period has expired, users can either pay a monthly flat rate (which will then allow you unlimited access for the duration of this time) or simply pay for every click received from interested buyers. It is an easy-to-use and cost-efficient alternative for selling or buying items. is a truly international marketplace for vendors and shoppers around the globe. Aiming to reach the largest possible audience, Glo-Con's sites are currently available in six languages. Users can even search the database of listings in the language of their choice.

Glo-Con's staff is comprised of an international and multilingual team of
programmers, accountants, translators, administrative assistants, sales agents, and even builders that make this all possible. With a staff that is able to communicate in several of the major languages of the world: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Hungarian, Russian, Greek and English, this small company has confidentally entered the e-commerce ring. is a full-range directory service for real estate and property rentals worldwide headquartered in Balestrino, Italy. The Glo-Con S.r.l. family is currently comprised of the following sites:

International Homes & Accommodations Listings:

Hotels Listings:

Boats Listings:

Airplanes Listings:

Vehicles Listings:

Italian Riviera Real Estate Listings:

Bazar Listings:

Job Listings:


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