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Ponta de Serrambi Beach
Article About   Pernambuco< BRAZIL

   Located in the Ipojuca's Municipal district, distant about 70Km from Recife, is a summering traditional beach. Well-known by their calm and blue waters and the rides to Saint Aleixo Island, it is a beach with blue waters and with coral reef in good part of its extension. It has a narrow sand bump band. It is divers’ paradise, because there, they can meet several shipwrecked vessels.
   Traditionally used to summering, SERRAMBI is a quiet beach with calm and crystalline waters, ideal to who are looking for a day in paradise.
   SERRAMBI is located about 12 km away from Porto de Galinhas’ Beach, on the south coast of Pernambuco State, Brazil. From Recife, Pernambuco’s Capital it is fast and easy to access, and better, the road is all asphalted. You can following by the PE 60 and the PE 61 roads, towards south, passing the access clover Porto de Galinhas Beach, around 12 Km (in the district of Camela) turn left (follow the signaling plates). From then it’s only 14 Km on a very new asphalted track to you arrive there.
   So, Welcome to Paradise!!
   The rest is for your account.
   Fact or legend
   Tells the history that the Portuguese frigate St Rosa would have shipwrecked here as about 300 years ago, and that would have a treasure of most US700 million. It was never located. Several researchers, curious and adventurous already tried to find it, without success. Also there is a Japanese shipwrecked in 1.972, to 2 miles of the coast in front of Santo Agostinho’s  Cable, meets upside down to a depth gives 17 meters.
   Beyond of these shipwrecks, we have the Mars Tugboat that can be consider one of the first Brazilian artificial shipwrecks with tourist purpose, meets in front of the Venta Club Hotel on SERRAMBI's Beach to a depth gives 32 meters.

   Besides the beauties navies, there is the St Aleixo Island, other excellent point for dives, where life sub-aquatic owns unequalled exuberance.
   Name Origin
   The name SERRAMBI is word serenambi derivative, by Tupi Indian Language origin, that means a variety of shell. Formerly, there were thousands of theseshells dispersed by all verge sea. Still today it is possible to find a big quantity of these shells by the beach.
   What could you do there?
   Ideal beach for jet ski, wind surf, surf, kite surf, dives, fishing and aquatic ski among other sports.
   Do not fail to know St Aleixo Island,reminded by its crystalline and warm waters and for its dive grat points. The trip by boat up to that point is about 15 minutes. Leave the sea just to look around into the island, that has two deserted beaches. The place is a true paradise, excellent for lovers, who wants to live some romantic hours.
   You also should know Pontal de Maracaípe. It is there that the river Maracaípe meets the sea, forming a rare beauty show. The swamps, the reefs and  the  “stone crown”, formed in the low tide, turn everything even beautiful. There are some bars installed in the location offering larger comfort. The ideal is to arrive there in the afternoon and to wait for beautiful and unforgetable sunset. A kayak ride by the river also is a good option to who has arms to row for three hours.
   So, it is alone to enjoy the beach, the sun and the sea.
   SERRAMBI is very next from Porto de Galinhas Beach, Pernambuco’s Coast. Try to make a tour in this region to rest and seize well your vacation.
   We are awaiting for your!
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