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The 10 Commandments for Successful Ads
We strongly recommend these suggestions to improve the visibility of your listings on Follow these instructions below to ensure your listing receives the maximum number of hits.

1. Donīt mix various languages together within the text of your listing.

2. Translate your listing into at least one foreign language to expand your audience potential.

3. Donīt write your text in short form: always use complete sentences.

4. Donīt use abbreviations.

5. Be sure to use a strong and meaningful title.

6. Publish at least one photo within your listing.

7. Donīt publish poor quality photos.

8. Include as much information in your listing as possible.

9. Publish an article about the region within your listing.

10. Be sure to include all your contact details.

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There is a total of 28709 listings.

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