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Future Projects
We at Glo-Con strive to improve our services on a daily basis. We are committed to developing new services and solutions which will change the way business is carried out. In an effort to continue providing this high calibre service, we are currently expanding to include the following new and exciting online services:

  • Translation Service: In the near future, Glo-Con will provide translation services for companies or individuals interested in translating emails, documents or publications. This innovative service will be launched by 2005.

  • Real Estate Directory and Search Engine: Another project currently in the development phase is a business real estate directory and search engine.  This engine will function by seeking out (or spidering) a limited number of relevant real estate sites and vacancy portals.

  • Public Bids Search Engine: We are currently working on a small search engine for public bids, which will allow companies to easily access contracting opportunities.  Although this service will only be available in Italy initially, it will extend to include additional countries in time.

  • Job Market Portal: This portal will strive to connect job seekers and employers worldwide.

  • General Listing Site: Finally, we are developing a generic listing site where various objects can be bought and sold online all in one place.  

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There is a total of 28709 listings.

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